Baltic Maritime Digital Innovation Hub (Baltic Maritime DIH) aims to become a digital innovation support platform that helps companies, institutions and organisations in the region of  Klaipėda to create added value through digital technology, better business and production processes. The Baltic Maritime Digital Innovation Hub’s functions as a one stop shop service to digitize businesses in the Klaipėda region, and it enables the participants of the digital ecosystem to resolve challenges by focusing on businesses.

Mission – to develop progress in the Baltic Sea region through digital technology and networking.

The main strategic objectives are to initiate and develop public sector, business and scientific cooperation in the field of digital innovation, using the most advanced means of communication. Mobilise the necessary infrastructure for research and experimental development (R&D), initiate the development of new products and services, implement product prototyping and testing, quality assurance (validation), standardisation, certification, For the management of digital innovation projects, to participate in EU and national programmes.

Baltic Maritime DIH focuses on Maritime industry, ICT, civil engineering, life sciences and biotechnology, energy and clean technologies. These sectors comply with R&D priorities on national level as laid out in Smart Specialisation Strategy (S3), the implementation of which is supported by a number of EU Structural Funds measures.

Community building and continuous awareness creation services, means that the DIH is objectively engaged within the regional ecosystem community to create consciousness about the opportunities and benefits of digitization.

Business Development and Industry 4.0 services, which help companies to apply the solutions through assessment of relevant business implications, and managing the results through mentoring and training and re-skilling workforce toward Industry 4.0 concept

Collaborative R&D services, which respond innovation activities, concerned with identifying opportunities for digitization, developing and validating innovative solutions as well as technical up-scaling skills suited the new digital technologies

  1. Klaipeda municipality
  2. Klaipeda University
  3. Klaipeda Seaport authority
  4. Klaipėda oil terminal / LNG terminals
  5. Lithuanian Navy Forces
  6. Enterprise Lithuania
  7. Vilnius Gediminas Technical Universitety
  8. Kaunas University of Technology
  9. Baltic Institute for Advanced Technologies
  10. AB „Klaipėdos energija“
  11. Lithuanian sea museum
  12. UAB „Uosto verslo centras“
  13. Lithuanian ICT companies association INFOBALT
  14. Klaipeda Association of Industrialists
  17. Klaipeda ID
  18. Klaipeda Bus Station
  19. JSC 3Ri
  20. JSC Techpra
  21. JSC Avilura